Passengers do not respect remoteness when the Santo Domingo metro reopens

(Spanish CNN) – The passenger agglomeration inside the cars was the protagonist of the videos which circulated on social networks this Wednesday, when reactivating the metro of Santo Domingo, in Dominican Republic.

The service has been closed since March 21 due to the pandemic of coronavirus, which has so far left 13,657 people infected and 448 dead, according to the latest official report.

As for the images, Ariel Rodríguez director of operations for the Office of Transportation Reorganization said in an appearance on Thursday that a six-minute technical delay in one of the trains had accumulated more passengers in the following stations.

According to data from the transport bureau, about 51,000 passengers used the metro on Wednesday, barely half of what was usual on a light-traffic day before the pandemic.

The country started on Wednesday with the first of four phases of a gradual reopening of the economy, with hundreds of thousands of Dominicans in the public and private sectors returning to their jobs. With regard to public transport, the cable car and bus have also been reactivated, taking measures to prevent new infections.

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