What you need to know about the new TSA controls for coronaviruses

(CNN) – The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has indicated that it is making changes to its security procedures, but passenger temperature control is not included, which the agency is considering, I was told a federal official at CNN.

The changes include several ways to prevent officers from handling or touching travelers’ personal belongings, and also to require passengers to come into contact with shared X-ray containers.

The agency said passengers should always keep their boarding passes, rather than handing them over to TSA officials, to avoid cross-contamination. And the officers will visually examine the document.

In addition, now when a bag or suitcase does not pass an X-ray check, the passenger will be responsible for unpacking it and sending it back via the X-ray machine, rather than asking an agent to check the bag. by hand.

In fact, the agency encourages travelers to wrap their food in a clear plastic bag to facilitate verification by officials. Sometimes food requires additional inspection by the TSA.

The agency also encourages passengers to put small items, such as a wallet and a cell phone, in their carry-on baggage before going through the body scan, rather than placing them in the x-ray containers. helps fewer travelers come into contact with shared containers.

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The TSA declaration does not mention temperature controls. An official told CNN on Friday that the agency is working on a plan to assess whether the passengers have a fever, a symptom of coronavirus. The airlines have encouraged the TSA to undertake this work and have generally not implemented clean temperature reviews for travelers. Health experts have warned that these types of checks will not identify all passengers who may be contagious.

US airline executives and an industry group, Airlines for America, pushed for the agency Perform temperature checks as part of a regular airport inspection.

Frontier Airlines announced earlier this month who plans to check the temperature of all passengers and crew from next month. As of June 1, anyone whose temperature exceeds 37.7 degrees Celsius “will be denied boarding,” warned the airline.

However, the usefulness of temperature controls at airports has been debated.

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In mid-February, CNN reported the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have checked the temperature of more than 30,000 passengers on flights from China, but none of these airport checks have detected cases of coronavirus in United States.

The TSA had previously taken the precaution of requiring its employees to wear face protection at checkpoints.

The agency reported on April 29 that 600 employees, for most of the officers who screen passengers, were positive for the coronavirus. At least six TSA employees have died from covid-19.

The airline industry was particularly affected during the coronavirus crisis by containment orders and travel restrictions.

CNN’s Nick Valencia, Veronica Straqualursi and Pete Muntean all contributed to this report.

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