Coronavirus May 23, minute by minute: more than 5.2 million cases worldwide

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Recent figures for covid-19 in Latin America

Credit: JUAN MABROMATA / AFP via Getty Images

Argentina: more than 700 new cases in the last 24 hours

The Argentine Ministry of Health announced this Saturday that in the past 24 hours 718 new cases of coronavirus, for a total of 10,649 in the country. Since the last report published, 20 new ones have been registered death. Currently, the number of people dead is 439. 173 patients are in intensive care and 3,530 people are discharged.

Porto Rico: So far, more than 120 people have been killed by Covid-19

The Department of Port Health rich confirmed this Saturday that the total number of unique positive cases for coronavirus on the island is 3,100. The total number of people who have died to date from coronavirus is 127.

Chile: more than 3,500 new cases in the last 24 hours

The Chilean Ministry of Health reported this Saturday 3,536 new cases of coronavirus. The total is 65,393. So far there are 26,546 total recoveries and 212 people are in critical condition.

El Salvador: more than 90 new cases

The Central American country reported 94 new cases this Saturday for a total of 1,819.

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The Spanish League resumes on June 8

The president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, announced at a press conference on Saturday the return of professional football on June 8, after more than two months of suspension due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

Credit: Document / FC Barcelona via Getty Images

“With the approval of the Ministry of Health and the Higher Sports Council, the green light was given for the professional football league to be held again from the week of June 8,” said Sánchez.

Similarly, the League wrote on a Twitter account that on June 8, professional skills returned and under the conditions of the Spanish Ministry of Health.

The League has 11 dates remaining to complete the championship. Barcelona is the management team with 58 points.

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Russia reports 9,434 new cases of coronavirus

By Nathan Hodge of CNN

Russia reported 9,434 new cases of coronavirus authorities have said in the past 24 hours in a statement.

In total, Russia officially has 335,882 cases of covid-19, making it the country with the second highest number of confirmed cases. Officially, Russia reported 3,388 death attributed to the virus.

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