Minimum living income and foreign tourism in July in Spain

(Spanish CNN) – “From July, the entry of foreign tourism into Spain in safe conditions will resume,” said the president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez. He said that foreign tourists can plan their holidays to Spain, “we will guarantee that they will not take risks and will not bring them”.

The Spanish government intends to reopen the borders to an area that displaced 80 million visitors last year. Sánchez explained that Spanish tourism will now have two new seals, “environmental sustainability and health security”.

Sánchez also encouraged Spanish citizens to go on national tourism once freedom of movement is restored. In this sense, Sánchez invited tourist establishments to “prepare today to resume their activity in a few days”.

The President of the Spanish government has announced that next week the minimum living income will be approved by the Council of Ministers. “It will be a regular and permanent benefit to reduce poverty in the country. Its annual cost will be around more than $ 3 billion and will benefit nearly 850,000 households.”

Aid, the amount of which will vary, according to Sánchez, depending on the “number of members in each household and the income they generate. This aid will start to be collected from next July ”.

Finally, Sánchez announced that from Tuesday, May 26, next, while the entire territory would be in phase 1 and 2 of de-escalation, the government will approve the official declaration of official mourning for the deceased that this epidemic has claimed. . “A mourning that will last ten days, the longest in our democratic history”.

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