Choose a Symbol to get Advice about Your Current situation

Then find the explanation in the sequel and read the important life message that the universe is trying to send you.Take a look at these 3 symbols and choose your favorite, the one that attracts you most.

1. Patience 

It is important, however, to remember that any situation that happens in your life, no matter how simple or complicated, prepares you for what’s coming. For that reason, do not let the situation determine your attitude, but let it be your courage.

Your life is perfect, thanks to the three best features you have: perseverance, positivity and patience. Every day you face hundreds of different situations, some happier, others are sadder, but everyone equally helps you to progress.

It is time to let go of the past. Too much of you is stuck on what was rather than looking to the now. While it is important to grieve and allow yourself time to heal, there is no benefit in re-telling the same old stories to yourself again and again. Leave the past where it is and look forward now. You are being called on to take the present moment into your hands and make of it what you can. The power is in your hands to change the future and the only way you can do that is by changing your awareness to the present moment. In order to release the past, try writing it down or confiding in a friend, allow yourself one last chance to re-hash the old emotions and then let it go. You will not be able to move forward until you do.

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