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Choose One Crystal and Receive A Message For Better Future


Crystal astrology is one of the most favorable form of astrology which generally talks about an individual’s future. Its quite interesting and grabs attention of many people with the beautiful Shades and structures of the crystals. Usually it has 4 crystals which come together with their own significance and let the people know about their future. Each crystal has its own meanings and importance. So if you are on of those people who does not know how this crystal astrology is being done than this content will definitely help you to know more.


All the people who wish to know about their future are given with a choice of 4 crystals which has its own meaning and asked to choose one of them as per their own choices and  preference. An individual should make sure that hey never choose any wrong crustal and  be honest with their choice and choose the one which they like the most.  The person who reads the crustal or an astrologer will tell the person about his future on he basis of the crystal one has chosen. It  is one of the most  interest yet factual form of astrology and  always tell the accurate result for an individual’s future.


There are four crystals available through which choices of astrology can be done. The names of those 4 crystals are as follows:

  • Citrine
  • Jade
  • Rose Quartz
  • Labradorite

Above were  the name of the crystals and as stated above, each one of them has their own traits and features. Each Crystal  tells about the future of an individual different way on the basis of their choices and there is no doubt hat they are always true facts and never tell the dishonest results until and  unless a person chose the wrong crystal. So lets not waste more time and see what are the traits and significance associated with each of these crystals:


Citrine is the first Crystal  which seems to be yellow in color and looks quite attractive and bright. As its appearance suggest that it is one of the brightest crystal among the all, its traits are something like that only. It asks you to remember your abilities and courage to fight with the odds and win the race of the life.

It asks you to remember that failures are the part of life and they are never going to end but it does not mean that you stop fighting and  learning.

It remembers you the phase of your life in which you were just failed and also makes you realize that how boldly you got back and made your victory a history.

It asks you to know your reality and accept it with enough positivity and strength instead of feeling sad about it and  crying over and over again.

It asks you to realize your goals again and  work over them until they are achieved so that you never end up realizing that you could do much better but you did not do due to the fear of failure.

Hence, this crystal generally makes you positive and courageous so that you forget looking for failures and start focusing on your goals and achievements.


Jade is the second crustal which looks green in color and obviously looks very much engaging and  attractive. This crystal is very expansive ad above all, it has  a great significance of positivity.

This Crystal  ass you to look over the present and grab the opportunities which ae coming your way

This crystal tells you that past has now gone and future is something which is yet to come. So, do not bother about nay of them and focus on what you still have. These phases of life will come and go but the present time is something which will never come.

This crystal makes you aware about the things and the opportunities you have in your present.

This crystal makes you understand the past and  the future are nothing but the creeping thoughts of the mind which you need to controlling order to get the peace in life.

Those crystal comes in your life to make you understand that you can never change what is gone that is you cannot change your past and also makes you understand that future has not yet arrived so there is no sense in thinking about that.

Hence, this Crystal  tells you that your present is a gift that you have and you should life it fully and enough without focusing on your past and future. This crystal allows you to love the life in the wy it is.


This is the third crystal which appears in baby pink color with a tincture of arrange shade. It is very pretty and of course has its own special significance in the group of these four crystals.

This crystal makes you realize tat you need to have patience in life in order to achieve your dreams and goals.

This crystal says that your passion is good but do not just hurry with it because you will not get it until you will practice hard for it.

This crystal says that challenges are the part of life and you need to face the no matter what.

It tells you that if you want to be free and live a peaceful life, that you should start focusing on what you have instead of paying attention to what you have lost.

Overall, this crystal talks about being patient in life in order to achieve all your goals and dreams and make sure, that you do not forget to live while earning a living.


It is the last of all the crystals and looks the best among the all. It come in  blue colors and looks very amazing and attractive.

This crystal asks you to be fine with everything whatever is happening in your life.

It tells you that whatever happens, happens with a reason and you cannot change it. Therefore, be patient and learn to fight with the odds.

This crystal says that if you act with positivity than definitely you are going to get love, property and happiness in your life.

Overall, this crustal says that your actions speaks louder than your words and you should focus on them and make sure that you never choose  wrong path in order to achieve something because karma has no deadline and you will face each of the consequence on someday.