Week Ahead Tarot Forecasts – Regular and Romance

Happy Friday, my friends! Hope you are well. It seems people didn’t mind the forecasts being combined into the same post last week, so I’m sticking with this format. The regular individual forecasts this week are with the Starman Tarot (top row) and the romance forecasts are with the Alphabet for Lovers Oracle (bottom row).

For a general guidance message from Spirit, we are working with the Secret Language of Color Cards and the Les Vampires Oracle for what to release this Waning Moon week. The momentum for transformation from within just went up a notch with Pluto going retrograde the other day, so using a ‘dark deck’ like Les Vampires for release and transformation seems appropriate.

Before scrolling down to the individual messages, take a moment to relax, inhaling white light and exhaling any tension before tuning in for Holy Spirit guidance. You may wish to close your eyes for a minute and, opening your eyes once you feel completely relaxed, allow them to be intuitively drawn to the number(s) that has/have the right message(s) for you.

General Spirit Guidance

The pressure to change now is immense on a global scale with Pluto going retrograde next to Saturn in Capricorn. The next few months until Pluto goes direct again in October is a great time for shadow work and releasing any part of our lives that does not contribute to our wellbeing or to the Highest Good of All.

However, both these cards talk about a need to slow down now and build a solid foundation. Any success for the next step on the journey has to be earned through discipline and hard work. We can’t wing our way through this one because we would end up building the kind of Tower that comes tumbling back down again. We also cannot afford to use old templates. It is more important than ever to spend time in meditation, listening to the whispers of our hearts and then acting on that inner guidance, step by step. We need to find new ways of doing things. Much of the old has to fall away now. So think of laying a new foundation.

Focus on figuring out where you true passion lies and then begin the process of aligning everything with this passion. For some of us this means that some relationships will fall by the wayside but it doesn’t mean we will be friendless. Instead, we begin to find our soul tribe and also start to find ways of working together with them in meaningful ways.

Anything we do now to help others will be blessed. Equally, taking time for ourselves and our own mind-body-spirit wellbeing will also be blessed. What matters and truly counts this week is focusing on creating stability and laying a foundation of truth, integrity and unity, allowing all that does not have its foundation in cosmic, unconditional love to fall away.

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